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curriculum vitae:

I live and work in the Chicagoland area. I became interested in photography when I was 12. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Super 27. I developed an interest in pursuing photography and began taking pictures for my school yearbook.

After graduating from College, I studied photography at Stuart-Rodgers Studio in Evanston, Illinois and began working for George Poulos and Associates, Photographers in Skokie, Illinois. During the years after my graduation from college I worked as a freelance photographer for Einzig Photography of New York City and Lerner Newspapers of Chicago.

My work is most influenced by the photographer Jerry Burchard. Take a look at his work and you will see a photographer that was untroubled by the 'nuts and bolts' of his profession; he 'saw and recorded', then left the rest up to the viewer.

I also admire the work of Minor White, Edward Weston and Art Kane.

I look for details, order and symmetry that may be overshadowed by the greater scope of the scene. I look for what may be easily overlooked.

internet published works:

Red Bubble

exhibitions, publications and installations

Evanston Public Library, one-man show

B&W Magazine, 2013
B&W Magazine, 2011
B&W Magazine, 2011
Fotoblur Magazine
The Photography Annual: 1982
Corporate newspapers
Annual reports

Trinity High School, River Forest, Illinois
Orphans of the Storm, Riverwoods, Illinois