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The Adventures of Beth and Steve...

""The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
   --Saint Augustine

   Christmas & New Year's Cruise, 2018!

   Our Second Adventure to Cuba, 2018!

   Our Adventure to Cuba, 2018!

   Spring Cruise to Canada and New England, 2018!

   Christmas & New Year's Cruise, 2017!

   Spring Cruise, 2017!

   Christmas Cruise, 2016!

   Our Cruise to the Baltics!

   Christmas & New Year's Cruise 2015!

   Merry Christmas 2015 from our pets!

   Summer Cruise 2015!

   Volo Auto Museum!

   Christmas, 2014!

   Our adventure to Ecuador, 2014!

   Galapagos Islands! 2014!

   26th Anniversary on the Disney Dream, 2014!

   Spring Cruise, 2014!

   Wisconsin Dells, Fall, 2013!

   The castellers, Spain, 2013!

   Europe, 2013!

   Last sailing of Monarch of the Seas, 2013!

   Christmas, 2012!

   Italy, 2011!


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