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My journey

My journey began in 1973.  Processing black and white film.  Unwinding a still-wet roll of film, fixer running down my forearm, dripping off my elbow.  Marveling at the images.  It was alchemy of the highest order; magic to a 12 year old.  The die was cast and I've never looked back.

To avoid boring you with unessary details, I've worked as a professional photographer, trade-show photographer, newspaper photojournalist and darkroom technician.

I would like to think my work has been influnced by Minor White, Jerry Burchard, Edward Weston and Art Kane.  I challenge myself to produce work that is uncommon in the current ocean of digital art.

When I need inspiration I open my favorite photography books; "Darkroom" and "Darkroom 2" by Lustrum Press and "Minor White: A Living Remembrance" by Aperture. If those fail, I channel Dennis Hopper's character "Photojournalist" from "Apocalypse Now".



A big thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Scott Emery for my Dennis Hopper photo!

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My concern

"(on animal rights) The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?"
-- Jeremy Bentham

"It is man's concern for all living creatures that truly makes him human."
-- Albert Schweitzer


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